Hotel Kassel City
19 September 2021

Distance from hotel: 1.4 km

Karlsaue Park

The palace-like Orangery is flanked by five avenues. The central pavilion offers a view of the three largest avenues: Mittelallee (Central Pathway), K├╝chengraben (the Kitchen Trench) and Hirschgraben (the Deer Trench).

The main avenue takes you from the Orangery to the large basin comprising the Schwaneninsel (Swan Island). The Karlsaue Park ends at Siebenbergen Island who rounds off the panorama with a magnificent array of trees and flowers.
The Karlsaue Park has something for everyone: tranquil walkways, space for sport and games, the Orangery containing the marble bathroom for those interested in culture, a compact museum for astronomy and physics and unique vegetation and bird life for nature lovers.
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